Painless Alternative to Removing Unwanted Body

Painless Alternative to Removing Unwanted Body

Painless Alternative to Removing Unwanted Body

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Removing unwanted body hair from the skin is a necessity for every woman especially if she is suffering from PCOS i.e. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome that results in higher growth of body hair due to an increase in testosterone level. However, traditional waxing and other hair removal methods can be painful for women as they have soft and sensitive skin. Pain tolerance is subjective but we would prefer painless hair removing alternatives on any given day.

Today, we are going to see some of these painless alternatives:

Most of the women shave their legs and arms to get rid of the excess body hair. However, a common misconception is prevalent among women that the body hair grows faster after shaving. This is true to some extent but it does not grow as fast as the rumours say. Shaving with a razor blade can cause skin irritation but you can avoid it by applying moisturizers or body lotions generously once the body part is cleaned after shaving.

Women can also use shaving cream or shaving mist to remove the unwanted body hair smoothly and without any cuts. Use a fresh razor as it does the job nicely.

Depilatories are cosmetic products that may contain some harsh chemicals in them. However, they are quite effective and offer a painless hair removing alternative to you. You just have to apply this cream on the hairy part and after 5 minutes you can wash that part with water or you may use a towel to clean off the uprooted hair.

You need to be cautious while using a depilatory cream as it can stimulate a burning sensation on your skin. Therefore, we recommend you to apply it on a small patch of skin to see if you can handle it. Also, avoid applying this cream on cuts and bruises as it can amplify the burning sensation.

If you feel uncomfortable after applying a depilatory cream then you can wash it immediately with cold water. However, mostly depilatories are safe and only the women who have extremely sensitive skin might face some issues. A spatula can also be used to remove the body hair after the application of depilatories.

Laser hair removal
Hair removal is not completely painless. However, if you want to get rid of the nagging pain that you experience each time when you tweeze or wax your body hair, then you can choose this option as it removes hair permanently. This treatment is more suited for face, arms, and legs and generally not used to remove pubic hair. Also, it works best for those who have light skin and dark hair because it tends to burn darker skin and does not produce good results for lighter hair.

In laser hair removal treatment, laser beams are targeted towards the hair follicles which remove them completely. A few sessions are required to get rid of the body hair completely and you might also experience a nagging pain for some time. However, some experts use pain-numbing creams to provide relief and therefore, this treatment should not bother you too much.

Hair bleaching
It is not a hair removal method in technical terms but it hides the unwanted hair from your body parts smartly. Moreover, it is painless and therefore most women prefer it to conceal the unwanted hair growth on their arms and legs. In this method, a bleaching agent is used to give your hair the tone of your skin. You can bleach your hair twice a month to conceal the hair growth completely.

However, hair bleaching is mostly done on neck and face as the hair is light in these areas. There might be a slight irritation due to the use of chemicals and therefore this method is not preferable for those who have sensitive skin or skin inflammation issues.

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